Austria, Wien


February 17, 2022 - February 20, 2022


Horeca, Interior design, furniture, textile, Security


The VORGESCHMACK Wien is the trade fair for hoteliers, restaurant and cafe owners IN THE SPRING. It is also the best opportunity for members of the industry within the region to meet up, make new contacts, consolidate existing business relations and discuss all the latest topics.

Perfectly scheduled ahead of the summer season, around 200 top businesses from the kitchen technology, C+C trade, beverages, hotel facilities, convenience foods, catering and restaurant services, show off their goods and services to a large group of interested specialist visitors at Messe Wien.

Decision makers in the hotel, restaurant, bar, club and coffee house sectors particularly appreciate the compact, high density of existing and potential suppliers and associates – right next to each other! Furthermore, managers and other users of services greatly value the atmosphere of hard work and concentration at the Hotel & Gast Wien, a nevertheless wonderfully relaxed event.

Several attractive side events provide a perfect framework for this showcase of goods and services. The new HTL (Hotel Tourism Leisure) section launched in 2013 includes an HTL conference and has also contributed significantly to the increased pulling power of the Hotel & Gast Wien for hoteliers.

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