France, Paris


March 28, 2023 - March 30, 2023


Logistics, transporting, Infrastructure development

SITL & IntraLogistics

- SITL EUROPE brings together all the innovative products and services dedicated to the supply, distribution and supply chain of tomorrow.

It is the most complete concentration of transport and logistics users from the industry and retail and serves the entire community of goods transporters and suppliers of logistics services.

Given the economic context, SITL Europe chose to highlight the transport sector and the international influence of the exhibition for its 2019 edition.

Featuring 800 exhibitors, with 40,500 professional participants and 80 conferences, SITL Europe allows you to discover the complete range of innovative products and services which are dedicated to the physical distribution of goods and the supply chain and where you will also meet the experts who will help you move your projects forward.

- INTRALOGISTICS EUROPE is the exhibition for handling equipment in manufacturing and distribution.

Intralogistics Europe brings together all handling equipment and automated systems which process and rationalise the physical movements of supply, production and distribution.

Whether it is optimising processes and costs, security or sustainable development, all your innovations will be recognised at Intralogistics Europe. 

An innovative event with pragmatic content, Intralogistics Europe is totally focussed on the needs of professionals in manufacturing and distribution.


SITL thematics:

  • transport & logistics providers
  • regions and infrastructures
  • logistics real estate
  • technologies and information systems
  • RFID tracing and tracking
  • ECO transport & logistics

Intralogistics Europe thematics:

  • storage
  • lifting
  • automation
  • packaging
  • handling
  • forklift trucks



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