Global Industrie Paris

Global Industrie is the key platform for international suppliers of industrial subcontracting. It is a show where partnerships are forged and technology surveyed, offering manufacturers, component suppliers and assemblers the chance of face to face meetings with suppliers of solutions in the fields of metals, plastics, electronics or industry services.

Improve your efficiency by meeting your future partners in Paris and discover innovative technologies that will deliver profit and productivity.

  • An average of 1,360 exhibitors each year.
  • 40% of exhibitors are non-French and are drawn from 40 countries.
  • 36.000 professionals from all sectors of activity in 2016.
  • 14% of customers are from outside France and are drawn from an average of more than 70 countries.
  • Over 50 foreign organizations are active partners of MIDEST.
  • 12 Trade Villages representing French know how: Machining and special machines, Shaping metals, Forging, Foundry, Materials processing, Plastics, Rubber, Composite materials, Electronics, European fastenings, Environment services and Wood processing.


MiDEST is the global show case for industrial subcontracting know-how, whatever the size of your company and its speciality.

  • Metal processing
    Screw cutting, Machining, Special machines, Forging, Foundry, Fabrication, Metal cutting, Raw materials / Materials / Semi-finished products
  • Processing of Plastics, Rubber and Composite materials
  • Wood processing
  • Processing of other materials (glass, ceramic…)
  • Electronics and Electricity
  • Microtechniques
  • Surface treatments, thermal treatments and finishing
  • Industrial fasteners
  • Industry services
    Design offices / Engineering / Analysis – Industrial maintenance – Quality / Monitoring / Measuring –
    Research & development – Software publisher – Environment and sustainable development.

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Western - Austria's largest construction show. Special discount for the first-time exhibitors. Ask for details!



Austria, Salzburg


February 8, 2024 - February 11, 2024